Best Smoothie Maker of 2017

Whether you are planning to have smoothies regularly as a refreshing drink or for adopting a healthy routine, you require a best smoothie maker.

Smoothies are undoubtedly a popular choice for people as they give an adequate combination of nutrients and vitamins in just a single glass.

best smoothie maker

There are a variety of shops and cafes available today that offer you a good cup of smoothie with an excellent taste. However, as it is a ready-made smoothie, you can’t tell whether the ingredients used are hygienic and the fruits/vegetables added are natural.

Even if the drink is entirely clean and doesn’t contain any artificial items, regularly paying for a glass of smoothie doesn’t sound like an economical option. It might seem inexpensive to purchase on a daily basis, but if you total the expense made on smoothies for an entire month, you’ll understand that it’s not a reasonable choice.

Furthermore, nowadays, people are opting for home-made food rather than purchasing it from eateries. For this purpose, a variety of products have been designed, from manual to automatic, that can help users get the same taste as their favourite caf├ęs and restaurants.

Just like that, there is a broad assortment of smoothie makers too that have been introduced for the convenience of the users. If you’re searching for the best smoothie machine to make your smoothie game strong, check out these two great smoothie makers that we have reviewed for you. Both of these products are of excellent quality and can help you get a fresh cup of smoothie whenever you want.

Best Smoothie Makers

Nutri Ninja Pro Blender BL450

The Nutri Ninja Pro BL450 not only makes great smoothies but also gets various tasks done such as chopping vegetables and crushing ice. The unit is equipped with a powerful 900W motor and is available in a mighty 1000W model. It possesses Pro Extractor Blades and has a blending capability of 21,000 RPM that blends everything in a lightning-fast speed.


It is not a tiny blender like most other advanced units, yet it is compact enough to store in a regular-sized cupboard or keep on the counter. It has a very durable design, so it won’t get damaged easily. Moreover, its power base has a black and silver finish, giving it a more decent and impressive look. The inside of the blender contains four large angled blades that are cast outward and two small central blades that are cast upward. Also, the design is very simplistic; you are not going to find any buttons to fiddle with. You just have to add the ingredients, place the lid containing the blades, attach the cup to the machine, push the cup a bit, and it will start blending.


It is a multi-purpose blender, but its straightforward design doesn’t allow the unit to have enough options to make your task more convenient. The only feature that lets it get most of the tough job done is its 900W power capability. It doesn’t even have a single button that can allow you to choose from different functions such as speed, modes, and presets.


Even without knobs and buttons, this machine can make great smoothies and dips, chunk root vegetables, crush ice, and do other similar tasks by just pressing the cup down. It might have a lack of features and a plain design, but nothing can beat this blender when it comes to making smoothies. Moreover, it is priced reasonably. Even if it does not have enough features, it possesses a very powerful motor, making it the best smoothie making machine.


  • The container is pretty spacious.
  • High-end blades that can even crush ice.
  • Dishwasher-safe parts.


  • Lack of features.
  • A bit noisy.
  • Can’t blend hot liquids.

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Hamilton Beach 51101BA

If you’re looking for a highly inexpensive blender for making on-the-go smoothies, then the Hamilton Beach 51101BA is, without a doubt, the right smoothie machine for you. It is not only low-priced, but it also saves space. It is a single-serve blender that performs smart tasks regarding blending perfectly.


The 51101BA has an elegant design. The base and plastic lid are black in colour, while the jar is transparent as usual. There is one button at the base of this machine, while the jar has measurements mentioned in white colour as well as the lock/unlock label that keeps the container in place during the process. This jug can easily fit in a car cup holder, so you don’t have to transfer the smoothie in another glass. Just remove the plastic container, cover its lid, and take it with you.


Just like the Nutri Ninja BL450, it doesn’t have enough features as it is a single-serve blender. However, it does have one button to turn on and off the device. It also doesn’t have an option for controlling speed or pre-setting the device. Nevertheless, this device offers easy blending with its simple one-touch pulse operation. The jar has the capacity of 14oz and can work as a portable travel cup too. Also, it has an efficient 175-watt motor that offers fast, reliable performance and enough power for making smoothies.


This device provides single drinks in just a couple of seconds and offers easy drinking as the jar is multi-purpose. You can make smoothies, frozen cocktails, and other drinks and dips easily through this single-serve unit. It might have only a few features, but its performance is above par. Besides, the price tag that comes with this unit justifies its lack of features. It also comes with an extra blending jar, which is a huge advantage. It is no doubt an inexpensive and the best smoothie maker in the market.


  • The blending of smoothie and other drinks is excellent.
  • Relatively quiet.
  • Safe to clean in the dishwasher.
  • Incredibly inexpensive.
  • Cord storage.


  • Not recommended for large groups.
  • Lack of features.
  • Can’t blend hot liquids such as sauces and soups.

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