Best Blender Smoothie Maker Reviews in 2017

We live in a world where obesity is becoming an ever-increasing concern in many countries. Never before had people expressed the desire to have a healthy life to such an extent.

People are now finding ways of incorporating all the nutritional requirements into their everyday life. They are trying to find the correct balance between healthy and delicious food. Sadly, the two terms are rarely used for the same food.

However, smoothies provide the perfect balance between dietary needs and the needs of a human palate. These drinks are both equipped with all the desired nutrients and tasty. Furthermore, these drinks are ideal for detoxification of your body. They prevent the incurrence of various diseases, including heart diseases. If you want to strengthen your immune system and increase energy level, drinking smoothies will help you immensely.

If you wish to embark on a journey toward a healthier life, getting a smoothie maker is the first step.

Top 2 Blender Smoothie Makers

There are few instances in life where you are offered twice the benefits and functions for the price in size of one. A blender smoothie maker is one of the few products that does so.

It can be used to blend and grind various items. Having such a product is convenient and saves money as well. Let us provide you with the necessary information about the top rated models.

VonShef 4 in 1 Multifunctional Blender, Smoothie Maker, Juicer and Grinder

How would you feel if a product offered you four times the value compared to other products? VonShef 4 in 1 succeeds in doing just that. Its users have been lauding it for its high quality and value-added features.


The product is available in a stylish black exterior which helps give it a classy look. Not only is this product aesthetically pleasing but it is also multifunctional to a whole new level. It can be used as a blender, smoothie maker, a juicer and a grinder. It means the product does full-fledged work of four different kinds of appliances. It not only insures that you save a huge chunk of your otherwise spent money, but also makes sure that you do not have to accommodate four machines in your kitchen.

The product is ideal to be used for an array of recipes and ingredients. You can make different food items ranging from soups, dressings, desserts to coffee, smoothies and milkshakes. In terms of specifications, this product includes a large smoothie maker jug with a maximum capacity of one litre. Moreover, it contains two beakers, a large cup and a small cup, all accompanied with their covers.

It has a motor of 220-Watt power and stainless steel blade which allows for effortless blending of various ingredients. The stainless feature of the blades also makes it highly durable. Moreover, to prevent overheating, the product is equipped with an auto shut-off option.

Pros and cons

The multifunctionality of this item is ideal for those who value convenience. Users agreed that the product offers great value for the price charged.

They also felt that the lid could be improved. Moreover, it was suggested that the company should focus on making the product easier to clean.

Apart from a few issues, this item is an ideal choice for you if you value durability and convenience.

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Oster Pro 1200 Blender Plus 24 oz Smoothie Cup

This product is considered to be amongst the best smoothie makers. If you wish to have an appliance which can accompany you on your journey to a healthier life, this product can be a good choice.


It is available in a chrome color which will complement your kitchen for the better. Its smart setting technology separates it from its competing products. It has a total of seven different speeds which can be set according to your recipe.

To stand out from the rest, this unit has a blade technology which has dual direction in nature. Such a feature allows the product to have greater blending power than other products. Its blade is 3.5 inches wide which insures that the ingredients you put into the blender are blended smoothly and thoroughly.

On top of such features, the product is equipped with a high power motor of 1200 watts and can crush ice with a power of 900 watts.

The product also includes a total of six cups, each of which is safe to wash in a dishwasher, and a glass jar. To authenticate Oster’s claim of durability, the item is accompanied with a 10 years Duralast warranty.

Pros and cons

Oster Pro has been well-received by customers. It is lauded for dual direction blade technology. This technology insures that all the ingredients move to the bottom of the blender and thereby get thoroughly blended. It has been appreciated for its settings as well.

However, consumers believe that the cup included in the product can be further improved. Also, while the blender gets the work done flawlessly, it is extremely loud.

Overall, the pros outweigh the cons and thereby this product is considered to be one of the best available.

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All in all, if you wish to live a healthier life, incorporating smoothies into your diet can be the initial step. Not only will you be provided with all the required nutrients but your taste bud will also be satisfied.

For this, either of the above mentioned products can help you in making a delicious cup of smoothie. Each of these has positive and negative features. However, both succeed in offering greater value than their cost and therefore are an ideal choice.

Pick either of them. Integrate healthy drinks into your lifestyle. Live a healthy life.

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